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March 18, 2019 0

Important research from the British medical journal for Chronic low back Pain

Niseko Chiropractic would like to share some important new research published in the British medical Journal that may be of interest for those with Chronic low back pain.

The researches conducted whats known as a meta-analysis where they review a lot of published studies to try to increase the power of many research studies combined.

What they found when considering Spinal Manipulative Therapy ( SMT ) is that its as good as any other intervention out there ( such as exercises/ mobilisations ) etc and may even be the first line of choice when you consider its effects on function rather than just measuring pain.

This is important.

The recent trend in the literature and medical media focusing on the importance of more active care protocols ( exercises etc ) has in Niseko Chiropractic’s view led to the possibility of the pendulum swinging too far away from manual therapy. Some of this has been driven by the ” pain science ” movement which seeks to emphasize the importance psychological factors in how we interpret pain. A very valid and important concept but we as clinics run the risk of not addressing a structural problem because we are focusing too broadly.

In a nutshell this research suggests it’s worth considering SMT as a front line modality of choice for Chronic lower back pain, particularly if your goal is increased function rather than reduced pain. That’s not so say that exercises and active care are not important, they are and they certainly part of Niseko Chiropractic’s approach but I hope studies like this will go some way to informing clinicians on the best management path.


If you are interested you can read the full study here


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