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Niseko Chiropractic currently offers 2 different location options.

  1. A mobile service at your home or holiday accommodation
  2. Treatments at the ” The Studio ” Powder Yoga. Kutchan

Please select your desired appointment type at the corresponding location on the booking form below.

” The studio ” in Kutchan is located on the google maps link below


The information below will help you get the most out of your visit at Niseko Chiropractic.

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Basic Housekeeping

* We do our best to run on time, however each case is assessed and treated differently which sometimes requires longer consultations and weather can be highly variable. We will endeavour to contact you whenever we may be held up.

* Please ensure that your mobile phone is switched off or on silent whilst you are in a consultation.

* Niseko Chiropractic will send a confirmation for your appointment as soon as we are able both via email and SMS. If you cannot make it to an appointment please make contact as soon as possible.

* Payment is required at the time of consultation. If you are unable to make payment please call us ahead of time to discuss options. Niseko chiropractic has mobile merchant facilities and process most major credit cards except American Express.

If you would like further information or would like to request an “ out of hours “ appointment fill out the form below




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Recent News From Niseko Chiropractic

August 3, 2020

Where do we stiffen up ?   It’s no surprise to you dear reader that our flexibility and range of motion decreased in our spine as we age but there is not as much published research as you would think as to where this occurs within the spine, particularly in the normal population.   In […]

July 28, 2020

Consulting from Powder Yoga every Tuesday Niseko Chiropractic is now consulting from ” The studio ” a great little space in Kutchan located just 4 doors up from the sprout cafe. If you would prefer your treatments not to be mobile based this is a great chance to get a relaxing treatment in the heart […]

July 2, 2020

Short Massage Course In Niseko リラクゼーションマッサージワークショップ開催のお知らせ パウダーヨガでは7月18日(土)、19日(日)の午後6時から9時にかけてリラクゼーションマッサージワークショップを開催します。 このコースはイントロダクションコースです。一連の流れを学ぶというよりもそのコンセプトを知り、いくつかのテクニックを学ぶものとなります。コース期間中は様々な体型に対してたっぷりと練習を行い応用技術を学びます。マッサージの経験や解剖学の知識は必要ありません。 日程:2020年7月18日(土)19(日)午後6時から9時 全6時間 ※コースは英語で進められます 講師:ブレント ヴァーコ(ニセコカイロプラクティック) オーストラリア公認カイロプラクター。 リミディアルマッサージ(治療を目的としたマッサージ)と解剖学を12年間教える。 持ち物:マッサージテーブルはこちらでご用意しますが、大判バスタオルと枕および枕カンバーは各自ご持参ください。ご希望の方にはワークショップの最後にマッサージテーブルを割引価格でご提供します。 参加人数:10名のみの少人数クラス(残席6となりました) 料金:12,000円 お申し込みご希望の方は以下のリンクから詳細をご覧ください。 また、コースに関するご質問はブレント ヴァーコ info@nisekochiropractic.comまでどうぞ。 場所を予約する:×950665236782252000 Niseko Chiropractic in conjunction with Powder Yoga is excited to launch our first introduction to relaxation massage workshop. This short course will give you the practical info you need to give a […]

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