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October 24, 2018 Niseko life0

The debate about which country has the best ski slopes will continue to rage around alpine fireplaces well after the Moscow Mules run dry ( It’s Japan by the way) but one thing not up for debate even from the Canadians is who rules the after slope hot-tub experience.  That is safely in Japan’s and also probably Niseko’s hands.

Thanks to sitting on one of the world’s largest fault lines Japan is blessed with an endless supply of mineral rich volcanic water and they make the most of with their very rich onsen culture. The history of onsens dates back to at least 712 AD with the first recorded use being on the small island of Shikoku down near Osaka. Word spread quickly of their health benefits and onsens maintain their rightful place as an important aspect of Japanese culture.

The average 40 degree temperatures and rich mineral content are the perfect combination to relieve tired stressed and sometimes cold bodies and and I’m sure you will agree any story told in an onsen becomes infinitely more interesting.

If your new to onsens to worth taking the time to get to know some of the etique around their use and remember to be a little quiet in your conversation and manner once inside. The website below has some great tips on how to get the most out of the onsen experience.


So here is Niseko Chiropractic’s Top 5  onsens around Niseko selected for their amazing views, value for money and likeness to a true Japanese onsen experience.

You will need a car for most of these and winter conditions can make some journeys are little challenging so check the local weather often and seek advice from your hotel reception before heading out.

The following are in no particular order.


October 16, 2018 Niseko life0

For those waiting for the pow they may be pleased to know that Mount Yotei received it’s first dusting of snow today. Things get cold pretty quickly from here in Niseko and an unusually long and summer has meant that we are probably in for short Autumn.

Winter is coming.



October 5, 2018 Niseko life0

If you are looking for a great english speaking yoga teacher right in the heart of Niseko look no further than the Asthanga classes lead by Niseko’s own Marika.

Marika’s classes run out of many locations but the highlight has to be trying to get down your downward dog as mount yoeti towers above you and urges you to try to breath into that stretch that little bit more.

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