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June 9, 2021 Okinawa

Just a reminder for our Okinawa clients.

Niseko Chiropractic will be returning to Sunabe Okinawa from the 16th of June.

In the meantime we are making the most of our ” downtime ” and enjoying some of the amazing early summer road biking Niseko has to offer.

If you have not experienced Niseko in the summer ( sadly it’s still red zone now ) keep an eye out for a change in policy get up here.

If you did wish to book an Okinawa appointment here is the direct link



March 31, 2021 Okinawa

Just a courtesy message that Niseko Chiropractic’s Sunabe Okinawa May dates have now been released for for online bookings.

The dates available for consultations are the 12th-23rd of May 2021

April dates are also available for booking from the 14th-25th of April 2021


If you would like to make an appointment either in April or May here is a direct link to the Okinawa Chiropractic appointments booking portal

Okinawa Chiropractic Bookings


November 20, 2020 Okinawa

Thanks again for the wonderful welcome to the Okinawa community that I received on my return visit. Us Aussies have been guilty of giving yanks a hard time but I can honestly say everybody I meet was super humble and had some interesting stories.

Niseko Chiropractic will be consulting at the same location by the sea wall in Sunabe Okinawa again on from the 8th to the 15th of December 2020 and then monthly after that.

It’s been a joy to see some complex cases and also assist in the number of new and growing families that are being created in Okinawa right now. I guess you have to pass the covid lockdown somehow 🙂 Also really enjoyed learning more about the US military and how family orientated it has become.

This trip I managed to squeeze in a trip to the massive aquarium, take a drive up the Okinawain  cost and spend a few evening hours wondering American village, which to honest looked a little corny from the outside but transforms into a very funky place into the evenings.

I also managed to get an invite onto camp Foster where I meet with some representatives from the MCSS about getting a Marine snowboard trip organized to Niseko. It will happen but sadly with Hokkaido now considered off limits due to Covid it may now be late this season before this may happen.

If you are interested in seeing a Marines MCCS trip get organised slip me an email at info@nisekochiropractic.com and I keep you in the loop or even have a coffee next time I am consulting in Okinawa.

This 2nd visit also cemented that being busy here was no accident and that there is an ongoing demand for chiropractic services in Sunabe and we do thank you in advance for your patience whilst we get something more permanent set up.

If you would like to make an appointment with an Australian trained but Japanese registered Chiropractor in Sunabe Okinawa you can do so again from the 8th-17th  of December on the link below.



November 16, 2020 ClinicalOkinawa

The with the all the understandable focus on Covid-19 right now it’s vital that we don’t loose of the ground that lifestyle medicine was begging to have on increasing the worlds  ageing population.

And we are getting older. Right now 8.5% of the world’s population is over 65 and this will balloon to 17% by 2050 ( 1). That means for just under one quarter of the worlds population, me and perhaps even yourself keeping our bones strong and healthy should be one of life’s goals as we age.

Research from the lifestyle medicine field has shown the importance of healthy eating in maintaining strong healthy bones. One of the leading candidates to assist Omega 3 fatty acids or more commonly know as omega3 oil.

Our bones are constantly being remodeled.

Osteoclast cells are constantly breaking down and absorbing old brittle bone and osteoblast cells are constantly laying down new stronger fresh bone.

If they are forced to operate in an environment of poor nutrition the quality of the new bone laying down is not as good as should be. Over a lifetime even small changes can lead to dramatic result at pointy end of life.

Keeping your weight within a healthy limit is also vital for bone health. When excess fat starts to invade the bone marrow this may also affect our bodies ability’s to create to new health bone ( 1).

The ratio of healthy fat to saturated fat in the modern western diet is now thought to be as high as 25:1 yet in pre-industrial times it was around 2:1. Meaning simply we are eating way to much poor quality fats and not enough good quality fats.

How to get more Omega-3 in your diet

Bear in mind your body can’t make omega-3’s internally like we can some other fats and proteins. You need a constant fresh supply in your diet.

Omega-3s are found naturally in some foods and are added to other foods You can get adequate amounts of omega-3s by eating a variety of foods, including the following:

  • Fish and other seafood (especially cold-water fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, and sardines)
  • Nuts and seeds (such as flaxseed, chia seeds, and walnuts)
  • Plant oils (such as flaxseed oil, soybean oil, and canola oil

Source: https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Omega3FattyAcids-Consumer/

So you if are like me and love the quality of fresh cold water salmon we can get here in Japan. Put a little extra in your shopping trolley next time you are out. You bones will thank you


If you would like to discuss this further in Okinawa or Niseko, Niseko Chiropractic would love to hear from you.









October 14, 2020 Okinawa

Niseko Chiropractic comes to Okinawa !


Well 2020 has certainly been a strange year !

When I my wife and moved to Niseko my dream was always to try and work between 2 paradises in Japan but somehow family pressures and commitments here always kept in on the backburner.

With international closed to Niseko until April 2021 due to Covid-19  I find myself busier than expected working with the amazing international community here but also for the first time able to revisit my initial plan of setting up a satellite clinic and working between the 2 communities.

As much as I try the Australian in me that grew up on the beach has never quite let go of the dream of being close to ocean again and Okinawa draws me closer.

I had ran the idea past my wife last week who is usually chief commodore grand Poo Poo of my hair brained plans but to my surprise she said ” I think we should go for it “.

So here we are.

Holding a return flight booked from the 26-31st of October next week with no idea on how this will pan out but a desire to see this dream through for better or worse.

So to members of the Okinawa community I would to introduce Niseko Chiropractic and services we can offer.

Brent Verco completed Master’s of Chiropractic at Macquarie University in Sydney before moving to Byron Bay Australia where he ran a multidisciplinary clinic treating the local surfing community and travelers alike.

After 12 great years in Australia our family decided that change was in the air and with a heavy heart we sold our business and purchased a 1 way ticket to Japan.

Niseko Chiropractic was established in 2018 and had we have enjoyed 2 amazing season treating snowsport injuries of both locals and visitors to Niseko.

What you will not get is any sales tactics, endless treatment plans or “revolving door ” treatments. Most of our sessions go for 30 minutes or more and if the jobs not finished then either are we.

A premium service

Our business model was chosen to allow quality over quantity. Niseko Chiropractic will take the time to do the right examination and match it with the best available evidence for gentle conservative care and management of acute and chronic injuries.

The treatment philosophy we use is to pay as much attention to the surrounding  muscles as the joints we adjust. By combing deep tissue massage in combination with Chiropractic faster results are achieved in less treatments. It’s also really important to prescribe the right exercises and try and figure out what environmental changes also need to occur.

Patient centered care

The has been a paradigm shift in the delivery of modern health care. In the bad old days practitioners dictated the style and choice of treatments. Now the patient is firmly in the pilot seat of their own health choices and outcomes and we view our role to educate and support you in this process.

Apologies advance for any confusion as we investigate a permanent location.

If anybody does wish to see us whilst we are looking for the right location we are currently operating from Minatagawa for 1 week from the 27th -31st of October.

We would also love to touch base with anybody interested in coffee and you can reach Brent on info@nisekochiropractic.com

Online bookings available  27th-31st October 2020

  • As an introductory offer all Initial consultations will be reduced 3,000 Yen for this week.


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Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson
09:29 16 Aug 22
Brent is really good. My wife has a rare condition related to nerve damage in the neck, and he has been very helpful... with various massaging, stretching and home rehab exercises. Throughout the whole process he has been open to questions, genuinely caring, and very knowledgeable. We really appreciate the work and care he gives, and highly recommend him to everyone.read more
Crispin Cyril
Crispin Cyril
02:51 29 Jul 22
Enjoy my time, Definitely going to schedule more regular sessions.1000% Recommend, best in Tokyo
Yaury “OTK-ヤウリ” James
Yaury “OTK-ヤウリ” James
00:51 21 Jul 22
Very nice person! Both Professional and care about his customersMy mind became much clearer after the treatmentWill... re-visit!read more
Julie-Kristine Killian
Julie-Kristine Killian
07:29 16 Jul 22
Brent came highly recommended, and although I had my reservations about chiropractors I decided to give him a chance. ... I have been battling with SI joint pain for years. He targeted the problem area (as well as others). He was very gentle and thorough, informing me each step what he was going to do. He asked me every now and then how the pressure was, which I really appreciated. After the first session, I felt such relief and the following morning I felt amazing. He provided follow-on exercises to continue the healing process as well. I would definitely recommend Brent services!read more
stephen rydinsky
stephen rydinsky
05:16 22 Jun 22
I had my first visit with doctor Brent today. I was thoroughly impressed by his knowledge & professional manner. He... listened to my list of pains and took the time to address them to my great relief. I would gladly recommend him to friends and anyone else. I've already booked my second appointment.read more
kareen vu
kareen vu
02:41 17 Jun 22
Very friendly and helpful chiropractor! He can also work on deep tissue for a softer approach. My neck and shoulders... haven't been that pain-free in years. I am very grateful that he opened shop in Okinawa, where I live. Thank you Brent 🙂read more
Jess Percy
Jess Percy
10:01 08 Mar 22
Brent was great! I have had issues with my back for over a decade and other health issues (wicked headaches, etc.). He... helped ease the tightness in my neck and is working with me to help fix my back. I really appreciate that he sent me a report about my visit and some things I can do to help with my aches and pains in between sessions. If you wanting to find someone who is truly going to work with you to achieve pain relief I highly recommend Niseko Chiropractic.read more
Erik Cadorette
Erik Cadorette
01:11 14 Feb 22
Excellent treatment! Brent is kind, knowledgable, and personable. Offers a professional service with a home-feeling... touch. He has offered exercises and stretches to do at home as additional therapy and my neck and back has felt great!read more
Dustin Marick
Dustin Marick
11:11 13 Feb 22
A wonderful and energetic personality, Brent’s welcoming atmosphere is a must-visit for chiropractic work. Really... assisted in quickly diagnosing and helping my lower back! Well-priced and extremely hospitable.read more
Melissa Rafferty
Melissa Rafferty
14:18 14 Jan 22
I had a great experience. Brent was really thorough and provided exercises and stretches to help build on the... adjustment and healing.read more
Ryan May
Ryan May
13:52 02 Dec 21
Very knowledgable, listens and asks the right questions to help get to the cause of ailment in order to work on it. No... wasted time straight to it and very welcoming while doing so. Lingering issues i’ve had in my back even weeks later after treatment from Brent still feeling great.read more
Kim Smith
Kim Smith
22:46 12 Nov 21
Absolutely encourage everyone to come by and visit Brent. Very professional and personable. He knows his stuff and... follows up with therapeutic techniques that you can do after your visit. Five stars all the way.read more
Rae Pass
Rae Pass
01:12 11 Nov 21
Having been dealing with a long term back injury I have dealt with a number of people over the course of my treatment,... and it has really made me appreciate it that much more when I see someone as knowledgeable and friendly as Brent. I would highly recommend him, he is very supportive and easy to talk to. Being able to arrange an appointment in Okinawa is very helpful given the limited options here for this sort of thing.read more
Tanya Buckner
Tanya Buckner
06:04 16 Aug 21
I was able to go to Niseko Chiropractic in Okinawa. This was my first ever chiropractic appointment, and I was a little... apprehensive about it since I’m 36 weeks pregnant. Brent was kind and easy to talk to, and he talked me through everything he was doing throughout the appointment. Although I didn’t have any major pains, he was able to loosen up some knots in my hips, back, and neck. I appreciate that he sent a follow up email about my appointment and suggested some resources and exercises to help me at home.read more
Indiana Jane
Indiana Jane
06:42 29 Jun 21
After my initial appointment, one of my problem areas was much better and in the following days I had more range of... motion with the other. I was apprehensive at first but am very pleased with the already noticeable results and look forward to my next appointment.read more
W Lowe
W Lowe
15:23 02 May 21
Brent currently provides adjustments in Okinawa in a temporary location as expands his clinic. He is professional and... friendly. He focuses on the most problematic areas using a combination of skeletal manipulations and soft tissue work. I have felt improvement just after a few visits. Also, he was kid friendly. He was patient with my daughter who was in the stranger danger phase.read more
Lila Aguilar
Lila Aguilar
12:39 25 Apr 21
Brent is very professional and welcoming. He takes the time to listen to you and figure your pain points. After your... adjustments he sends you off with an action plan. I will be booking additional appointments.read more
Hanna M
Hanna M
22:49 20 Apr 21
I was only able to meet with Brent twice before I moved off the island, but even after two sessions I feel so much... better and confident that I won’t fall apart during this move! He’s very professional and listens to your needs. I appreciate that he sits down to chat with you before each session to see how you’ve been, if there’s anything new he should consider, and if the last session was effective or if he needs to try a different approach. I highly recommend him!read more
Nov Tan
Nov Tan
14:31 10 Apr 21
Brent was professional and yet very personal. I had shoulder pains and aches and he knew where to apply pressure to... relive the pains. Magic fingers! He had good follow up and also recommended a few exercises and I can't wait to try them.read more
Selma Aulina
Selma Aulina
23:44 01 Mar 21
I sprained my ankle and got swollen for almost 2 weeks. My friend recommended to do this. The result is amazing! I was... afraid at the beginning because this was my first experience with a chiropractor but ended up think that it was my best decision to come. The treatment is not only for my sprained ankle, I told my back problem as well. After that, I had a good night and slept so well. The next day I got a report with a strategy for what to work on to optimize the treatment. Overall, highly recommended!read more
Yung Y. Chen
Yung Y. Chen
00:59 07 Feb 21
Great experience with Niseko Chiropractic! Brent is a good listener and very professional with treatment and follow... ups. I'm glad to have been recommended to him.read more
Tricia Cortes
Tricia Cortes
02:36 29 Jan 21
Very patient, helpful, and knowledgeable about the body. He could tell exactly where I needed assistance and was very... thorough in his treatment. He followed up the very next day with a strategy for what to work on to combat my migraines and neck/back tension.read more
Kristyn Rock
Kristyn Rock
04:00 22 Jan 21
This was my first experience with a chiropractor while pregnant (33 weeks), and Brent was great. Super personable, and... was able to help adjust my hips, shoulders, and neck. Admittedly, I was a little sore after the treatment, but two days later I'm definitely feeling better than I did before. I would for sure recommend this practice to any of my fellow pregnant people, especially in the third trimester!read more
Cody Fischer
Cody Fischer
05:47 16 Dec 20
I have been dealing with hip pain for the past year and a half and have tried massages and finding specific mobility... workouts to help with no avail. Within the first appointment through his combination of soft tissue work and adjustments I found immediate relief. In a follow up email he also sent me some links to videos that demonstrate certain exercises to optimize my treatment. Very pleasant experience with a very knowledgeable and educated chiro. Will definitely be returningread more
Janine Santi
Janine Santi
13:42 12 Nov 20
I’ve been to chiropractors and massage therapists, but I’ve never had both services taken care of in one visit.... Brent’s combination of adjustments and massage have definitely helped ease the pain in my back (which I’ve lived with for all of my adult life) and shoulder. He’s also very thorough and takes his time. During our initial visit, he found issues that I forgot to mention!After our appointment, Brent shared a detailed report as well as exercises with me to help manage my pain. I’m so glad to have found his business and that he’s extended his services to us in Okinawa.read more
Amber Ingram (Happily Ever Ingram)
Amber Ingram (Happily Ever Ingram)
09:49 11 Nov 20
Great Experience. Have been once so far. Brent was very thorough and made me feel at ease.
01:51 08 Nov 20
Very knowledgeable about the human anatomy and physiology. A great compliment to medical care. You even get a... customized report with recommendations for how to get to optimal well being!read more
Rj Mc
Rj Mc
04:51 19 Aug 20
I am so grateful to Brent for his prompt visit and professional service. Sorted out a very painful problem while being... friendly and relaxed. Top Bloke.read more
Djan Aston
Djan Aston
06:15 03 Aug 20
Saw Brent on two occasions in which time he was able to fix an issue with my back. Overall experience was great. Easy... to book, came to my house and was even able to pay with credit card. And he's a genuinely nice guy with good chat. Would recommend Brentread more
Benjamin Hagen (BRGHagen)
Benjamin Hagen (BRGHagen)
21:09 30 Jun 20
Was looking for a chiropractor to help me with a very locked up back. Found Niseko Chiropractic through google and,... thankfully, it was nearby. Was able to get an appointment quickly, and better yet, it was a house call. Brent was very nice and professional. We chatted about my issue while filling out paperwork and then he did an assessment before treatment. He was able to loosen up my back, giving me much needed relief. He also worked on my neck and sternum-clavicle joint which I had hurt. We went over an hour, but he still only charged me for the hour. In his follow up email, he sent me some stretches and exercises to do to help with my issues. This follow up is something I’ve never gotten before from a chiropractor. Great service and a very nice guy. Highly recommend.read more
Sandra Jamieson
Sandra Jamieson
09:12 29 Jun 20
As a regular visitor to Niseko I have occasionally needed the services of a chiropractor. I was fortunate to be... referred by a friend to Brent Verco, Niseko Chiropractic.His treatments have been better than any I have received in Australia and I feel completely confident and comfortable with his gentle hands-on approach. His 60 minute massage and adjustment focusses on the area of need whilst relaxing the whole body.I thoroughly recommend him to anyone needing relief from pain or stress.read more
Patrick Lyon
Patrick Lyon
07:34 09 Jun 20
Brent provides absolutely first class service!Initial consultation was thorough, and a methodical treatment plan was... worked out.In addition to the excellent chiropractic work, Brent's massage skills are also on point. Numerous problem areas were addressed and worked over with great skill.In the course of the massage, he also found and addressed an issue I had forgotten to bring up in the initial consultation - clearly the sign of a guy engaging with his work and applying his expertise to great effect, rather than just going through the motions.The work done, both chiropractic and sports massage were really great, I'd recommend his services to anyone, without hesitation.I will be booking again in the future, and if you have any back, hip, shoulder or knee issues, or just need a damn good massage, Brent is your guy.Follow up post appointment was great, with clear instruction on how to address and improve on the work done in the session.10/10 would book again. Thanks Brent!read more
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