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2 hour extended chiro sessions in niseko

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Niseko Chiropractic’s signature 2 hour treatment is our most popular treatment and is a great way to experience a premium level of mobile service and take the time to fully address those long standing injuries or rejuvenate tired bodies.

Your time is precious in Niseko and by coming to you we can take the stress out of traveling for bodywork and allow you more time for doing other activities.

Our 2 session features a full orthopaedic examination and assessment as well as a complete Sports Massage/ bodywork session from head to toe drawing on Niseko Chiropractic’s experience both in massage and Chiropractic practice.

Our extended sessions are really designed to relieve tension by concentrating on the areas of our muscles that have a very high concentration of proprioceptive fibres known as Golgi Tendons Organs (GTO’s) which are primarily located where muscles turn to tendons and where tendons insert into bone.

A detailed knowledge of anatomy is needed to delivery this style of muscle insertion therapy but the results far surpass a regular massage or bodywork session.

Both instrument assisted methods such as the Graston tools, activator, trigger point release, assisted stretching and cross friction muscle work are used to get fast and long lasting results.

Some clients chose to include chiropractic adjustments in this session others prefer to concentrate just on the soft tissue work in these extended sessions. We are certainly happy to discuss your unique needs during the session.

If you would to book a mobile extended duration session you can do so online by clicking the link below.

2 hour extended chiro sessions in niseko

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