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Brent Verco is committed to providing a premium level of chiropractic service to those visiting or living the picturesque village of Niseko.

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Brent Verco began his career as a massage therapist working for renowned Osteopath Dr Neil Gregory in Sydney.

He graduated from his Masters of Chiropractic in 2002, working briefly in Sydney before deciding to make a lifestyle change and head for the laid back Northern NSW coast.

Brent completed further studies in Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) which he uses as his basis to understand distortions in structure. Growing frustrated with the traditional Chiropractic techniques he started to combine Chiropractic adjustments with some of the latest soft tissue and muscle techniques, to ensure that the muscular systems tone is reduced with each treatment and found far more superior results with the approach.

Brent’s 12 years in Byron bay gave him a good understanding of the unique needs of the tourist in need as well as servicing his local community. He has . He has a keen interest in snow sport related injuries, as well as other sporting niggles that impair your top performance.

When Brent is not practicing Chiropractic , you can find him riding the amazing mountains of Niseko himself, playing music, and mountain biking with his Japanese wife Aya and 4yr old son, whom he lives with in Kabayama just out of Hirafu.

Brent is a proud member of the Japanese Association of Chiropractors and Chiropractic Australia. He also carries full professional indemnity insurance and keeps up to date with best industry standards.

Professional Memberships

Based on 70 reviews
Mollie Baars
Mollie Baars
Brent was brilliant. Very welcoming and could quickly tell where my aches and pains were, some of which I didn’t even realise were there! Then a great chiropractic and massage treatment to ease out the knots and aches!
Jordan Lynch
Jordan Lynch
Niseko chiropractic is truly exceptional! With expert knowledge and a personalized approach, Bert transformed my experience with chiropractic care. The friendly and soothing atmosphere makes for a pleasurable experience, I've noticed significant improvements in my well-being, thanks to his skilled hands. Highly recommend this chiropractic gem for anyone seeking top-notch care and genuine results!" Thank you again.
Veary Williams
Veary Williams
Having herniated my lumber disc L4/L5, I reached out to Brent who gave professional advice and guidance in organising a MRI and encouragement to “hang in there”. The therapy session post diagnosis has been so successful - releasing my distressed and active muscles all over my back and glutes. Relieving the significant and constant nerve pain tapping in my ankle. I highly recommend Brent and his ability to treat significant nerve pain, drop foot and make it easier to get home! I am so grateful.
TAI abby
TAI abby
Great work of chiropractic skill and amazing follow up of treatment.
Crystal Phelan
Crystal Phelan
I saw Brent during his recent visit to Okinawa and thank goodness I did! I am 20 weeks pregnant with twins, and I’ve recently been unable to sleep the last few weeks due to hip and lower back pain. After my first session with Brent, I walked away with a portfolio of exercises to do to minimize the pain and I got the best nights sleep I’ve had in a while thanks to my appointment with him. Would highly recommend to anyone who is pregnant and going through the second and third trimester body aches!
Nonny Apiwattananon
Nonny Apiwattananon
We used to visit chiropractic for our health and well-being in New Zealand. We want to maintain this when we moved to Japan and we found Brent. Strongly recommend this place for who are looking for an English speaking chiropractor in Tokyo.
James Wang
James Wang
My family just relocated in Tokyo and back to our home country we visit chiropractic on a monthly basis, therefore we really want to find an English-speaking Chiro in Tokyo. Brent was an awesome Chiro, every chiro session with him makes me relax and relief. My lower back pain and neck pain is getting better and better! I would highly recommend Brent to anyone who need a good Chiro to maintain their health!
Jordan Seeto
Jordan Seeto
I visited Brent at his newly established business Tokyo International Chiropractic. I was in need of an English speaking Chiro who I could clearly convey my injury to. Brent was fantastic! He diagnosed my injury, helped relieve the tension and gave me follow excercises to prevent future occurrences. Just what I needed. I highly recommend Brent if you're after help in Tokyo.
Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson
Brent is really good. My wife has a rare condition related to nerve damage in the neck, and he has been very helpful with various massaging, stretching and home rehab exercises. Throughout the whole process he has been open to questions, genuinely caring, and very knowledgeable. We really appreciate the work and care he gives, and highly recommend him to everyone.
Crispin Cyril
Crispin Cyril
Enjoy my time, Definitely going to schedule more regular sessions. 1000% Recommend, best in Tokyo
Brent Verco’s

Qualifications And Professional Interests

  • Work experience
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Professional Memberships
  • Bachelor of Chiropractic Science Macquarie University 2002
  • Masters degree in Chiropractic Science Macquarie University 2004
  • Certificate 4 in training and assessment BCC
  • Clinical supervisor in Anatomy and Physiology Macquarie
  • Certified in Sacro occipital technique
  • Additional study in Activator methods
  • Certificate 4 in Massage therapy Tafe NSW
  • Instructor in Anatomy and Physiology BCC
  • Owner and operator of Mullumbimby Chiropractic for 12 years
  • Director of the Australian Musculoskeletal Network
  • Snowsports including Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Alpine hiking
  • Surfing
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Lifestyle medicine
  • Workplace ergonomics
  • Recreational rockclimbing
  • Functional training
  • Road and Mountain Bike Riding

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