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Running a Niseko Spa in current environment is a unique challenge.

With a large decrease in international tourism from Covid-19 it’s more important than ever that your Spa team is focused on delivering the best experience possible for your clients, driving repeat business and increasing your profitability.

Coupled with the fact that many hotels really on stream of casual staff it can be a challenge to implement improvements and quality control systems.


Niseko Chiropractic can help !

This unique 8 hour training model is designed to equip your staff with the skills they need to improve client satisfaction and the profitabily of your spa.

By dividing the workshop into both a practical component and a theory component developing some sales experience has found that the content is received more enthusiastically by massage therapists who are often more hands on learners.

The practical component has a strong emphases the correct posture for delivering common massage techniques so that your therapists can improve on being able to taylor the depth of the treatment to clients whilst also reducing wear and tear on their own bodies joints which is a big problem for full time therapists.

The theory component looks at the increasing the confidence of your staff to market their product and drive repeat business to Spa. Just a few simple steps in the client therapist pre and post treatment conversation can make a huge difference to the volume of clients treated over a given season.

Specific course Outline

First 1 hour: Introductions and overview of the course. Reviewing the products delivered by your Spa and getting feedback from therapists for refinement.

Hour 2 : Overview of back and hips. Using elbows and stretch and release techniques.

Hour 3 . Theory: How to increase your clients confidence in your treatments. How and when to close the sale for the repeat booking

Hour 4 . Lower body and head. Some remedial techniques that are still very applicable and safe for a beauty spa application.

5. Theory: Measuring outcomes. If you can’t measure something you can’t improve on it. The importance of asking and getting feedback during the massage and how you can use that drive business.

6.Arms and feet technique review.  A great place to finish and how to transition the end of massage smoothly and create that top end spa experience without going over time.

7. Front desk management. How and why your front desk makes the critical difference in driving the profitability of your Spa. Marketing is a team responsibility. How your staff can help generate income.

8. Some role playing and group workshop to cement both techniques and some business theory. Question time and cementing of key concepts.

The course is delivered primarily in English but we can source a Japanese interpreter at additional cost or you are welcome to provide your own.


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