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Niseko Chiropractic Agent Information sheet

Niseko Chiropractic is committed to providing a premium level of mobile chiropractic service to those visitors and locals to our amazing village of Niseko.

Thank you for your interest in a commercial relationship with Niseko Chiropractic.

Why Niseko Chiropractic ?

Our goal is to supply a premium Mobile Chiropractic service that is reliable and easy to use and book for both clients and agents.

Niseko Chiropractic is fully integrated with Roomboss and our own cloud based appointment management software (Cliniko)

This integration allows your reception can check availability and even book in real time saving you both time & stress.

We hope this quick info page may answer some common questions.


When should I book Niseko Chiropractic for our guests?

When a guest specifically requests a Chiropractic Service or sustains an injury that is need of further assessment and management.

In a nutshell Niseko Chiropractic would be a good choice for a guest in pain or requiring further injury advice and management.

Please note that we are not a medical service and any serious injury or suspected dislocation or fracture should be referred directly to

Kutchan Hospital (0136-22-1141) or

Niseko international Clinic (0136-21-5454)

How To Book Niseko Chiropractic

There are 3 easy ways to the services of Niseko Chiropractic


If your accommodation or service is using Roomboss you can book directly through your Roomboss portal or request a time.

If Niseko Chiropractic does not appear on your Roomboss portal please email us at info@nisekochiropractic and we will rectify this.


If your accommodation is not using roomboss you can book directly online at https://nisekochiropractic.com/ appointments/

Please be sure to add your accommodation details so we can correctly attribute your commission. Please note that you must have signed a Niseko Chiropractic Agent agreement document before commission will be paid.

3. Phone or email

You can call us on 080-8152-7136 or email at info@nisekochiropractic.com.

If your guest has a particular appointment need at time not shown to be available on our online bookings it may be worth a call to see if we can accommodate their needs.

What services can we book for our guests ?

To make life easier for agents we have separated Niseko Chiropractics services into 3 products that can be booked via roomboss or the website.

Initial Mobile Chiropractic Appointment

An initial Chiropractic Consultation

This service would be booked with a guest has not seen us before. It allows a little extra time for a medical history and examination as well as treatment. We usually allow 1 hour for this consultation.

Follow Up Chiropractic Appointment

A follow up Chiropractic Consultation

Select this service for guests that have already seen us before. If you are not sure of this it would be preferable to book an initial Consultation and we can check at the time of service. We usually allow 45 minutes to an hour for this product type.

Extended Duration Appointment

An extended duration ( 2 hour ) appointment

This service is appropriate for both old and new clients and seeks to offer the very best soft tissue management. This would be a good option for a client looking for an absolute premium service or managing a complex condition that also requires some rehabilitation.

This is our top of the line signature treatment.

How should we describe Niseko Chiropractic to guests ?

What’s your point of difference ?

Niseko Chiropractic was founded to address the need for higher quality mobile treatments.

We take the time to do the right examination and come up with tailor made treatment that suits the clients needs and expectations. We are premium service that will cater to the needs of a discerning top end guest.

Our practitioners have a minimum of 12 years’ experience and are fluent native English speakers. Our Niseko Chiropractors are 5 year Australian University trained and carry full Japanese registration and professional indemnity insurance.

How do we pursue a commission based commercial referral relationship ?

Niseko Chiropractic is happy to accommodate your preferences.

If you are using Roomboss most agents prefer to take the payment and then pay Niseko Chiropractic minus your commission.

If you not using Roomboss you are welcome to use your the Niseko Chiropractic online booking portal by clicking here  Please discuss with us your preferred payment setup by sending us an email at info@nisekochiropractic.com

Please note that commissions will not be attributed until a signed contract has been received by Niseko Chiropractic. You can download our 2018 vendor Contract here

To make sure we are able to correctly attribute your commission please add your vendor name in the extra info section section of the booking form as shown below.

Niseko Chiropractor referal source screenshoot

To book online for your guests click the link below

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Please do not hesitate to contact Niseko Chiropractic if you have any questions.We apologize in advance if there is some delay in our response during peak periods. You can contact Niseko Chiropractic at info@nisekochiropracic.com


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