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The Niseko Walking Club

Although not technically part of Niseko Chiropractic we are involved in starting a walking club and until somebody more organised comes along it will be co-ordinated here

A walking club with a talking problem

About the Niseko Walking group

The Niseko walking group was established to provide locals a chance to get meet up and get fit over the amazing warmer seasons in Niseko. Just a few Km’s pumped out over a week can make a big difference to your overall health.

It’s also a great way to meet new people and be active in this great community that we are lucky to call home.

We are currently meeting most mornings at the Southern carpark at the over the  yellow Niseko bridge at 6:30 am for about a 5 to 7 km walk which takes about an hour.

It’s pretty informal with no obligations to turn up or not and no leaders as such. Just a group of people trying to get fitter and healthier in Niseko.

Hoping over time to grow into more formal hiking group and tackle some of the amazing alpine peaks which are all in easy reach of Niseko.

We have started a facebook page here and encourage you to join the mailing list below for updates and future trips.

Hope to see you on the footpath or the mountain.

If you would get in contact with us you can email at nisekowalkingclub@gmail.com

Please note: The Niseko walking group is just a few people getting together to share some experiences in the outdoors. We have no leader. To be honest I wouldn’t even follow me around a car parking lot.

These are not guided trips and you are responsible for your own decisions and safety at all times. Niseko can still have bad weather even in the warmer months and you should pack quality gear and emergency food etc.

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