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Niseko Chiropractic can tailor a customized treatment that meets your needs at a time that suits you.


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Brent Verco D.C


Brent Verco D.C is dedicated to providing his patients with the highest level of Chiropractic care. Niseko Chiropractic has been running in Japan since 2018 aim and now we hope to replicate this approach in Tokyo.

Tokyo Chiropractic treatments

Now Available from 3rd October 2022

Please note that our Tokyo clinic now has it’s own website dedicated to serving English expatriates in Tokyo although bookings still work from this page.

For more information please go to


When I my wife and moved to Niseko Japan in 2018 my dream was always to try and work in multiple locations within Japan.

With international closed borders closed due to Covid-19 I find myself busier than expected working with the amazing international community based in Okinawa and Niseko and we have now expanded to Tokyo consulting in Ebisu  city just a few minutes away from Shibuya station.

Our unique approach

The Niseko Chiropractic approach is a little unique in that it combines rehab prescription, muscle release work ( deep tissue sports massage ) as well as focusing on the joints in the more traditional chiropractic way.

Drawing on over 17 years of clinical experience Niseko Chiropractic takes the time in extended consultation times to get things right by focusing on the fascia, your exercise programs as well adjustments of your joints.

We do not wish to be the cheapest but we strive to offer great value because we get results fast and allow you to take control of your niggles and MSK issues.


Our Ebisu location

From the 3rd of October Tokyo International Chiropractic will be providing an English speaking Chiropractic service in the heart of Tokyo in the popular city of  Ebisu.

How to find Tokyo International Chiropractic

The easiest way to get to us is by train. We are 300 metres from Ebisu station it’s an easy and convenient walk which is much closer than our Shimashi location.

Once you arrive at Ebisu station along the Yamanote line ( next station from Shibuya ) take the East exit from the train station and take the walking map shown above. If you find yourself going past ” tequila and taco’s ” you are probably going the right way !

Once you arrive at the front of the ” Hero ” building take the signs indicating ” Physic Chiropractic ” and take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Please leave your shoes at the door.

It’s also an easy 10 minute walk down from Shibuya station as well.

If you would like it with your own phone here is google maps link


Physical Address

Level 3 1 Chome-15-6 Hiroo, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0012


Payment can be made at the time of booking through our online booking system or you can also chose to pay at the time of consultation.

If paying at the time of consultation we have a mobile credit card and can also accept Japanese Yen.



Tokyo Online Bookings

Please note: Appointments  before the 2nd of October will be delivered in our current premises in Shimbashi.

Appointments after the 3rd October 2022 will be delivered in our new premises in Ebisu.

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What we offer


Just a few of our services

Traditional Chiropractic


Niseko Chiropractic is well versed in traditional Diversified and Gonstead style spinal manipulative techniques and we eager to understand what style has been found the most effective by you.

Modern developments


Modern developments have yielded some great newer techniques, particularly in the management of peripheral joints such as knees and elbows.

Remedial and Sports Massage


Unfortunately an area that has been neglected by the traditional chiropractic approach but in our view a vital part of good injury recovery management.

Building strength and stability


The right rehabilitation exercises are vital in maintaining a healthy injury free body which can lead to much more time and fun on the slopes.

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