The top 3 Niseko conditioning exercises your not doing

November 2, 2018 0

It’s now early November and for those of you that are eyeing of a trip to Niseko this year or even early 2019 you should certainly be starting to consider your conditioning routine.

Here are 3 exercises that Niseko Chiropractic feels are great to incorporate into your injury prevention and performance exercises program before you start to carve up the pow.

They have been chosen as any experts in the field such as Arne Ekeland ( PHD) and David Murry seem to focus on them as well as because they introduce a small amount of instability into the exercise which helps to train our balance and proprioceptive systems.

Be aware that some of these exercises may not be appropriate if you have a pre existing injury or a new to strength training. It’s really worth your time to get some expert advice from a physiotherapists or sports Chiropractor if you want the most out out of your pre season training.


  1. The single leg Romanian Deadlift ( LDR)

The beauty of this exercise is the instability it causes the knee and hip stabilisers which trains the body to control the movement the entire way down and up. This is the same system so that you are going to need sharp for snow sports so it’s a very effective way to train multiple systems at once.

Try and use a little more bend in the knee to better replicate the demands of snow sports that the video shows and this is exercise to start of light or even with no weights until your balance systems are spot on and then slowly introduce weights.

The biggest mistake with the LDR is not to hinge properly at the hip so make sure you have this movement down and try and use a mirror if possible.

Another good resource that goes into more detail can be found here


Free weight dumbbells or kettle bells work better here than straight bar.


2. Ski boot or snowboard boot exercises

Don’t leave your first day on the slopes to dust off the trusty old boots and get amongst it.

Doing a little bit of balance training in your snowsport shoes can do wonders to retrain the brain on the feedback ( or lack of it sometimes ) that a pair of boots gives you. As an added bonus its also a great chance to get that your equipment is still up to scratch and is going to do a good job of keeping you safe.

There doesn’t seem to be any great videos out there for good routine here but if you can do some stair walking and some of the floor exercises shown below that would be good start.

Don’t go crazy on this, its very hard to not look awkward in a pair of boots around the house but just a few minutes a week a couple of weeks before your trip would not be wasted time.

Some good ideas on the video below but you could replace the unstable block used by athlete with your ski boots.

3. The Single Leg hip thrust

The single leg hip thrust helps train our flexibility but its also great for switching on the hamstrings asf well as aiding in stability of the knee and ankle.

There seems to be trend amongst the cross fit guys to really load this exercise up with extra weights but the opinion of Niseko Chiropractic is that for unless you are an elite athlete the risks of injury to the lower back outweigh any benefit of adding weights.

This is a nice instructional video as well as also highlighting some common mistakes.

How the pro’s are training

I couldn’t help but add this as I stumbled across it. Check out 18-year-old skier Andri Ragettli from Switzerland as he charges through a plyometrics training resume. Definitely don’t try this at home !


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