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Brent Verco D.C


Brent Verco D.C is dedicated to providing his patients with the highest level of Chiropractic care. Niseko Chiropractic aims to provide our clients with a unique custom tailored approach to their visits with quality valued more highly than quantity and now we hope to replicate this approach in Okinawa.

Okinawa Chiropractic treatments

Now Available in Sunabe

Next visit 17th-25th Feb

17th-25th of March

When I my wife and moved to Niseko my dream was always to try and work between 2 paradises in Japan but somehow family pressures and commitments here always kept in on the backburner.

With international closed to Niseko until April 2021 due to Covid-19  I find myself busier than expected working with the amazing international community here but also for the first time able to revisit my initial plan of setting up a satellite clinic and working between the 2 communities.

It was really great to see the level of support on my first visit on the 27th of October and we are now committed to working 10 days a month in Okinawa.

We are currently operating with permission at a short term rental right on the beach in Sunabe.

If you would like to experience a treatment that combines rehab prescription, muscle release work ( deep tissue sports massage )  as well as focusing on the joints in the more traditional chiropractic way we hope you may consider our business.


Next Okinawa Consultations available from the 

17th-25th Feb 2021

17th-25th March 2021


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Yung Y. Chen
Yung Y. Chen

00:59 07 Feb 21
Great experience with Niseko Chiropractic! Brent is a good listener and very professional with treatment and follow ups. I’m glad to have been recommended to more

Tricia Cortes
Tricia Cortes

02:36 29 Jan 21
Very patient, helpful, and knowledgeable about the body. He could tell exactly where I needed assistance and was very thorough in his treatment. He followed up the very next day with a strategy for what to work on to combat my migraines and neck/back more

Kristyn Rock
Kristyn Rock

04:00 22 Jan 21
This was my first experience with a chiropractor while pregnant (33 weeks), and Brent was great. Super personable, and was able to help adjust my hips, shoulders, and neck. Admittedly, I was a little sore after the treatment, but two days later I’m definitely feeling better than I did before. I would for sure recommend this practice to any of my fellow pregnant people, especially in the third trimester!read more

Cody Fischer
Cody Fischer

05:47 16 Dec 20
I have been dealing with hip pain for the past year and a half and have tried massages and finding specific mobility workouts to help with no avail. Within the first appointment through his combination of soft tissue work and adjustments I found immediate relief. In a follow up email he also sent me some links to videos that demonstrate certain exercises to optimize my treatment. Very pleasant experience with a very knowledgeable and educated chiro. Will definitely be returningread more

Janine Santi
Janine Santi

13:42 12 Nov 20
I’ve been to chiropractors and massage therapists, but I’ve never had both services taken care of in one visit. Brent’s combination of adjustments and massage have definitely helped ease the pain in my back (which I’ve lived with for all of my adult life) and shoulder. He’s also very thorough and takes his time. During our initial visit, he found issues that I forgot to mention!After our appointment, Brent shared a detailed report as well as exercises with me to help manage my pain. I’m so glad to have found his business and that he’s extended his services to us in more

Amber Ingram (Happily Ever Ingram)
Amber Ingram (Happily Ever Ingram)

09:49 11 Nov 20
Great Experience. Have been once so far. Brent was very thorough and made me feel at ease.


01:51 08 Nov 20
Very knowledgeable about the human anatomy and physiology. A great compliment to medical care. You even get a customized report with recommendations for how to get to optimal well being!read more

Rj Mc
Rj Mc

04:51 19 Aug 20
I am so grateful to Brent for his prompt visit and professional service. Sorted out a very painful problem while being friendly and relaxed. Top more

Djan Aston
Djan Aston

06:15 03 Aug 20
Saw Brent on two occasions in which time he was able to fix an issue with my back. Overall experience was great. Easy to book, came to my house and was even able to pay with credit card. And he’s a genuinely nice guy with good chat. Would recommend Brentread more

Benjamin Hagen (BRGHagen)
Benjamin Hagen (BRGHagen)

21:09 30 Jun 20
Was looking for a chiropractor to help me with a very locked up back. Found Niseko Chiropractic through google and, thankfully, it was nearby. Was able to get an appointment quickly, and better yet, it was a house call. Brent was very nice and professional. We chatted about my issue while filling out paperwork and then he did an assessment before treatment. He was able to loosen up my back, giving me much needed relief. He also worked on my neck and sternum-clavicle joint which I had hurt. We went over an hour, but he still only charged me for the hour. In his follow up email, he sent me some stretches and exercises to do to help with my issues. This follow up is something I’ve never gotten before from a chiropractor. Great service and a very nice guy. Highly more

Sandra Jamieson
Sandra Jamieson

09:12 29 Jun 20
As a regular visitor to Niseko I have occasionally needed the services of a chiropractor. I was fortunate to be referred by a friend to Brent Verco, Niseko Chiropractic.His treatments have been better than any I have received in Australia and I feel completely confident and comfortable with his gentle hands-on approach. His 60 minute massage and adjustment focusses on the area of need whilst relaxing the whole body.I thoroughly recommend him to anyone needing relief from pain or more

Patrick Lyon
Patrick Lyon

07:34 09 Jun 20
Brent provides absolutely first class service!Initial consultation was thorough, and a methodical treatment plan was worked out.In addition to the excellent chiropractic work, Brent’s massage skills are also on point. Numerous problem areas were addressed and worked over with great skill.In the course of the massage, he also found and addressed an issue I had forgotten to bring up in the initial consultation – clearly the sign of a guy engaging with his work and applying his expertise to great effect, rather than just going through the motions.The work done, both chiropractic and sports massage were really great, I’d recommend his services to anyone, without hesitation.I will be booking again in the future, and if you have any back, hip, shoulder or knee issues, or just need a damn good massage, Brent is your guy.Follow up post appointment was great, with clear instruction on how to address and improve on the work done in the session.10/10 would book again. Thanks Brent!read more

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What we offer


Just a few of our services

Traditional Chiropractic


Niseko Chiropractic is well versed in traditional Diversified and Gonstead style spinal manipulative techniques and we eager to understand what style has been found the most effective by you.

Modern developments


Modern developments have yielded some great newer techniques, particularly in the management of peripheral joints such as knees and elbows.

Remedial and Sports Massage


Unfortunately an area that has been neglected by the traditional chiropractic approach but in our view a vital part of good injury recovery management.

Building strength and stability


The right rehabilitation exercises are vital in maintaining a healthy injury free body which can lead to much more time and fun on the slopes.

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February 10, 2021

Just a reminder that I will be available in Niseko for 4 more days before returning to Okinawa from the 17th-25th Feb. Please note I will not be in the same purple house by the Sea Wall in Sunabe but rather a house just around the corner ( by strange co-indicine also purple ! ). I […]

February 9, 2021

How prevalent is Low back pain in the US military ? As Niseko Chiropractic seems to be getting a lot busier in Okinawa I thought it would be worth doing some further study on the prevalence of low back pain in the US military. And it turns out it’s pretty common. Well low back pain […]

February 5, 2021

Your not alone with a pregnancy headache If you are experiencing headaches during pregnancy  you are not alone. According to a recent study published in the journal  Revue Neurologique about 1/3 in women in experience what’s known as secondary headache during pregancy which is higher than the general population. The first challenge from a management […]

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