Mobile Massage Therapay now available in Niseko

November 30, 2022

Quality deep tissue mobile massage now in Niseko

from 30th November 2022


Niseko Massage with Maki

Niseko Chiropractic is very excited to welcome Maki Moloney to our line up for this upcoming 2022 Niseko season.

There has always been a gap in the Niseko market for Mobile treatments that feature a therapeutic level of pressure and we are super excited to feature legendry local therapist Maki to our practioner line up.

You an choose between the Sweedish oil massage style or the more traditional dry Shiatsu style with more elbow pressure.


What makes us different ?

Maki has the training and experience to find and release your knots so you can be get back on the slopes in tip top condition and ride to your full potential.

Maki also concentrate on 90 minute sessions on rather than the traditional 60 minute mobile sessions allowing more time to for the tissues to relax and also time to concetrate on more than area. In short a 90 minute session yeilds far superior results than the standard Niseko massage timeframe.

Maki combines her Japanese Shiatsu training with western swedish techniques to get great results every time.


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