Muddy March.

March 13, 2023

Muddy March in Niseko.

And just like that it was over.

One day it was dumping pow for was a truly epic February up in Niseko and then the taps turned off in one instant. This year feels like just like the season of 2020 when it just all came to grinding halt.

I usually try and keep our posts positive and take a nice pic that I hope makes you think ” oh it’s beautiful world ” but not today.

Today is ” Muddy March ” and one of the few times of the year where living in Niseko just doesn’t blow your mind. Take your pick, pouring rain, windy, cold or muddy. It’s sometimes just not so nice to be in Niseko in the very early spring.

If you are planning a trip next year try for late feb as your cut off for still getting great conditions here.

On the upside it has given us locals a chance to breath after the craziest season on record and even better my family is coming down to join me for a days in Okinawa this trip so hopefully they can get away for a bit too.

Thanks again to all my returning clients and the chance to meet some new ones this year and I hope that you may get to revisit Niseko again soon.

Returning to Okinawa from 22nd March 

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As for Niseko, if any locals need some Chiro work I’m still here until this Sunday if any locals need a tune up.
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Massage available over spring and summer in NIseko
Maki is also still doing mobile massages over the spring and summer season. Whilst the chiro side of things has slowed the last few weeks Maki is still powering along with bookings from both tourists and locals.To book directly with Maki for a Niseko Massage

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We are also hopping to have some updates on a more permanent Okinawa location moving forward too, Watch this space 🙂

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